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Elie Tremblay

Civil and commercial litigation

Me Élie Tremblay joined our civil and commercial litigation team in February 2016, after being sworn in in 2015.


During her law studies, Me Tremblay was Clerk to the Honorable Claude Bouchard and France Bergeron of the Superior Court.


As part of her practice, which essentially focused on administrative and environmental law, Élie is frequently called to write diverse procedures and realize representations before courts.


Also the holder of a bachelor’s degree in social work, Élie uses her intervention skills to promote conflict resolution through the prevention and resolution of private disputes. Élie also put her knowledge to good use by acting as a research assistant to Professor Dominique Goubau as part of the drafting of the fifth edition of the book "Le Droit des personnes physiques".


Élie is also very active in the field of social involvement, having, among other things, held the position of Chair of the Amnesty International Committee of Laval University's Faculty of Law. In the firm, she acts as head of university recruitment.

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