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Me Loïc A. Paré was admitted to the Quebec bar in 2019 and joined GBV in 2019 where completing his professional training in 2019.

During his studies, his dynamism allowed him to create a successful network of franchises in the field of service while completing his bachelor's degree at Laval University in 2017. This experience in the entrepreneurial world brings him a personal understanding of the reality of entrepreneurs and their legal challenges. 

Me Paré mainly exerts in labor law and business law. Innovative and tenacious, he knows how to find the solution to the most complex problems.


Place Iberville Trois
2960, boulevard Laurier, bureau 500
Quebec (Québec) G1V 4S1
Phone : 418-656-1313
Email: info@gbvavocats.com

Bureaux métropolitains
6300, avenue du Parc, bureau 600,
Montreal (Québec) H2V 4S6 
Phone : (514) 317-6354 
Email : info@gbvavocats.com

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