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Collective action :

Consolidation of the Constellations district

On March 30, 2011, the Court authorized the institution of a class action against the City of Lévis on behalf of a group of residents of the Constellations neighborhood, located in the St-Jean-Chrysostome sector. This proceeding sought the liability of the City of Lévis in connection with a problem of soil movement affecting properties in this sector.
Following the introduction of the procedures, the City of Lévis implicated a dozen developers and engineering firms. In 2014, it also participated in the establishment of an assistance program that allowed for the implementation of a partial settlement of the case. This partial settlement coincided with the implementation of a Geological Follow-up Program, the recent results of which have made it possible to look forward with confidence to a final settlement of the case.
We are therefore pleased to confirm that a comprehensive settlement agreement has been reached between the parties. This agreement will be submitted to the Tribunal for approval on June 11, 2020.
You can consult the Notice and the Agreement by clicking on the following links: 

Click here to view the Abridged Notice to Members

Click here to view the detailed Member Notice

Click here to consult the Agreement reached and whose approval is requested

Click here to view the Approval Request

Click here to consult the general balance sheet of the projected distribution

Click here to consult the Distribution by member category


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