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Catherine Lord



Catherine Lord joined our team as a student in 2021 and as an articling student in 2023. Sworn in in 2023, she focuses her practice on civil and commercial law. On a day-to-day basis, she applies her skills by drafting procedures, providing legal advice and carrying out research and follow-up with clients.


She completed her law degree at Université Laval in 2022 and also holds a microprogram in taxation.


Throughout her academic career at Université Laval, Catherine was involved in a number of Pro Bono projects, as well as the Université Laval Legal Information Clinic. What's more, her team's performance in the Enjeux du droit competition for first-year cases earned her first place.

She also completed internships with the Ministère des Relations internationales et de la francophonie and Revenu Québec during her bachelor's degree.


As Pro Bono Coordinator for Université Laval, Catherine received the Rosalie-Silberman-Abella Award as the graduate most likely to have a positive influence on equity and social justice in Canada and around the world.

With her community at heart, Catherine is also actively involved in the A-Droit legal committee.

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