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GBV’s versatile and competent team is composed of more than forty lawyers and notaries, which are assisted by technicians and a staff of the highest quality.


Vanessa Amato
Samia Benlamara
Maude Bornais
Michel C. Chabot
Mathieu Dion
Nicolas Gagné
Marc-André Gravel
Samuel Lacasse
Catherine Lord
Audrey Morvan
Charlotte Reid
Michèle Thivierge
Élie Tremblay
Francis Auger
Mathieu Bernier
Maria-Gwen Cayateno-Emond
Jessica Chauret
Satchel Dell’Olio-Delpech
Robert Gagné Jr.
Anne-Clara Girard Tremblay
Alexandra Laperle
Coralie Martineau
Bryan O'Gallagher
Charles-Francis Roy
Debbie Thibodeau
Gilles Warren
Luc Bellemare
Michel Bernier
Charles Caza
Alysson Collin
Gabriel Faribault
Lorne Giroux
Cindy Kenny
Guillaume Lemieux
André Morisset
Sébastien Proulx
Antoine Sarrazin-Bourgoin
Aryanne Tremblay
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