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Robert Gagné Jr

Civil and commercial law

Construction law

Real estate

Robert Gagné Junior joined the firm as soon as he was licensed, in 2004. He is a graduate of the Law faculty of Laval University.


A vast customer base formed of entrepreneurs, of PME and large companies and institutions, requests his advice. His practical and personalized approach is oriented towards the search of a solution that answers to his clients best interests, with intensity.


In his practice, Robert is specialized in all types of civil and commercial litigation, including disputes between shareholders. Furthermore, he frequently advises his clients in the course of commercial transactions.


He has distinctive competencies in real estate litigation, regularly acting in the resort of hidden vice, rights-of-way, acquisitive or extensive prescriptions, easements, and other dismemberments of property law.


Litigation attorney of experience, Robert is frequently called upon to make representations, whether in court or in arbitration.


Robert is remarkably involved in the firm’s management, as he has been a part of the direction committee for several years.

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