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Sébastien Proulx

Lawyer and strategic advisor in public law and relations with the State

Sébastien Proulx was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 1999. He is a lawyer and strategic advisor in the Public Law and State Relations sector of our firm. He was previously director of government and institutional relations at Desjardins Group.


He is back at GBV Avocats after spending time in Quebec politics. In 2014, he joined the office of Prime Minister Philippe Couillard as Director of Strategic Planning. Elected deputy in 2015 for a second time and re-elected in 2018, he was appointed Minister of Family Affairs in January 2016 and appointed Minister of Education in February 2016. He also sat on numerous ministerial committees during this same period.


A well-known communicator in the media and by his peers, he has in-depth knowledge of the Quebec state, its workings and its actors. Me Proulx masters the socio-economic and political issues present throughout Quebec, as well as crisis management and the resolution of complex problems that directly or indirectly affect municipal, Quebec and Canadian public administration. Well-versed in negotiation and mediation, he took part in resolving numerous arbitrations during his political career.


He is currently a master's candidate with a dissertation in public and constitutional law at the Faculty of Law of Université Laval.


Sébastien is also the author of the essay Un Québec libre est un Québec qui sait lire et écrire, published in Septentrion in 2018.

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