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"GBV en SantéProgram

The pandemic has confronted us with unprecedented challenges. Issues that have called for the resilience of our team. In this context, we asked ourselves the following question: how can we make a positive difference in the lives of those who, on a daily basis, allow our firm to continue its journey, despite the uncertainties that prevail?


Quickly, our thoughts turned to the well-being of our colleagues. Months spent telecommuting have tested the limits of many. Physical and mental health, once taken for granted, has suddenly become more valuable than anything.


With this in mind, it appeared to us that the greatest gratitude we could show to our team members and their families was to allow them easy and free access to quality health care. To do this, the firm has entered into a partnership with a national firm offering a virtual private medicine service specializing in physical and mental health. Called "GBV en Santé", this 24-hour service is already very popular with our team members and their families.


During the unveiling of GBV en Santé, the firm's founder, Marc-André Gravel, expressed his pride in seeing the firm invest in the quality of life of its team members. "Without a doubt, this is the most rewarding and lucid investment there is," he concluded.


We invite all of our business partners to take actions that will allow their employees to easily access support and listening skills. In the twilight of this unprecedented period of turbulence, we believe this is the finest mark of recognition and solidarity there is.


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